A Ripple Effect on Sustainable Water Management  in West Papua

This is a research report that aims at shedding light to a region of the world that is still unknown to many. This study, conducted by six students from the University of Amsterdam, has the objective to contribute to a comprehensive development plan for West Papua by focusing on sustainable water management.

Water is the source of all living. Many regions around the globe are struggling to match their population’s water demands, with a rising trend caused by growth and climate change. West Papua is not an exception. Fortunately, West Papua is rich on natural resources, including water. The massive potential is sufficient to not only cover the needs of the local population, but even to export water in the future.

This research has the goal to take the initial step for future investors by giving insights about the local business culture, the biggest hurdles and challenges in starting a business relationship in the region as well as laws and regulations. Current water related issues are determined, historic attempts documented and potential solutions recommended.

Together with the Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua Barat, aQysta, Happy with Water, Ivykickstarter and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have created a report to help Papuans grasp more of their potential and live a healthier and happier life.

Use this report and help us develop one of the last green lungs of the world in a sustainable way. Unlike a drop of water that loses its identity when it joins the ocean, will those who dedicate their lives to help the ones in need not be forgotten.

Yours faithfully,

Batuhan Kalyoncu
Chairman of the IDP research committee 2017



Bekijk het rapport A Ripple Effect on Sustainable Water Management  in West Papua  ( pdf  ± 37 MB )


Studenten van de Study Association for Economics and Business (Sefa) van de University of Amsterdam pakten dit project in 2017 op. Deze tweede groep (bestaande uit Batuhan Kalyoncu, Sarah Fawver, Brunno G. Soares, Asmita Ramesar, Martijn van der Linden en Mariëlle Dreuning) deed i.s.m. adviseur Bert Mulder onderzoek naar de beste methoden voor schoon water voorzieningen in West Papua.

De studenten werden in 2016 voorgegaan door de eerste groep SEFA studenten. In een verkenning naar de haalbaarheid van cacaoplantages kunt u daar meer over lezen.


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