Social investment opportunities in the cocoa sector

IDP reportThis is a research report that is part of a comprehensive view of regional development for a part of the world that is still unknown to many. Nevertheless, it is meant to be used as an example of a transition to a sustainable form international trade as envisioned by five students from Amsterdam, with an undeniable interest in the choices society makes about economic, social and ecological development.

The world is a tumultuous place, and currently in a distressing state. 22,000 children die everyday of poverty. 805 million people go hungry every day. Climate change causes rising sea levels, droughts, biodiversity loss, and overall damage to the ecosystem. However, there is a growing community of organisations, institutions, scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs that not only realise that the current path we take as a society is a destructive one, but actively participate in the positive and sustainable reversal of it.


Download HIER het rapport   ( pdf  ± 6 MB )

This particular research is part of a bigger goal to create an alternative integral investment plan for an region that is now mainly dominated by (unsustainable) mining and energy extraction. Together with Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua-Barat, PATO, Cargill, and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have created a business case in line with the UN Sustainability goals for 2030, to set an example for a new approach of international trade and economic development.

In line with the ambitions of those who have dedicated their lives and careers to build a world that we can be proud of, use this report to advance their aspirations and your own ambitions. Use it, copy it, correct it, criticize it, and share it.

Let’s not recoil from the future, but strive to solve its puzzles, speaking in measured terms, in prose not poetry.


Filipp Peresadilo
Chairman of the IDP research committee




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